An idea, a dream, a mission.

The goal: To get We've Had Enough to #1 on June 25th

In honor of Michael Jackson, his family, friends and fans we are banding together to see this wonderful, powerful, moving song go to number one of the 1st anniversary of his death June 25th

Why are we doing this? Because Michael's life was not in vain.We are doing this to show that his legacy will be carried on in the hearts of his fans.

After all he endured it is time to tell the world We have had enough. Gone much to soon but never forgotten.

Please come out and support your fellow fans by downloading We've Had Enough starting on June 14th-June 25th in time to see it go to number one.

For Michael lets send this powerful message to the world. Let them know we won't back down, Michael will not be forgotten.

Remember to download We've Had Enough starting June 14th- June 25th, we CAN DO THIS.